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Wine: Red
Region: Puglia
Denomination: Salento IGT
Vintage: 2018


The term “Primitivo” refers to the early-ripening characteristic of the grape. Researchs pointed out that Primitivo grape came from Greece and Balcan regions, where it can be found nowadays.
Wines made from Primitivo tend to develop soft red and dark fruits aromas, like cherry and blackcurrant. The intensity of the aromas is high, it can be easily found bringin the glass of wine close to the nose. Primitivo wines are easy to pair with food, thanks to soft tannins and smooth texture.

Colour: Deep ruby colour.
Aroma: Intense hints of red and black fruits, like cherry and blackcurrant. Spices aromas are perfectly combined with the primary fruits, it is recognizable a cinnamon aroma. The wine has also some earthy notes.
Taste: The wine has a soft texture, with velvety tannins. The acidity helps to balance the wine, combining with the smooth feelings and the fruity aromas.

Alcohol: 13.5%

Grapes: 85% Primitivo, 15% Others.

Ageing: Concrete tank.


Conti Zecca is one of the leading wineries in Puglia region; it was founded 5 centuries ago and it continues to invest on technology and innovation. 
Conti Zecca family continues to carry on the family tradition of high-quality grape growing: from the clones selection to the great attention to the agronomic techniques.

Conti Zecca can easily declare to be a modern winery able to get through the challenges of the contemporary wine market.


Wine pairing notes

The Dan Dan Spinach Noodles could appear like a simple delicate dish, but the spices create a complex and powerful mouthful. In particular, the bittersweet aftertaste characterizes this dish.

That's why Donna Marzia Primitivo is a very good match. In fact, the smooth integrated tannins help to balance the smooth texture of the noodles without enhancing the bitter aftertaste. Moreover, the tertiary aromas of the wine combine with the spicy aftertaste, softening the bittersweet aromas.

Wine pairing notes

The acidic aroma of Yunnan Ru Shan cheese is balanced by the smooth fruity notes of the wine. Taking a little sip of wine after the Nuodeng ham gives a delicate bitterness that enhance the complexity of the pairing. The wine has velvety tannins that don’t dry out the mouth, permitting to the food aromas to linger gently.

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