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Course: Starter
Featuring: Vegetarian


- 30 quail eggs,
- 1.5kg coarse salt
- 24g table salt
- 8g cinnamon sticks
- 8g star anise
- 4g dried bay leaves
- 2g Sichuan pepper
- 1.2L water


1.Crush the Sichuan pepper, star anise and cinnamon sticks before putting into a dry wok with dried bay leaves: stir-fry until dry and the fragrance is released.

2.Put in t he coarse s alt and s tir-fry together w ith t he spices until 200 ° C to be ready for use.
3.Pour 1/2L of water into the wok before adding 24g of table salt followed by the quail eggs; heat until the water boils before turning off the heat and placing the lid over the wok to cook for 3 minutes.
4.Remove the quail eggs and place in a metal tray; gently shake the tray to make the eggs collide with each other until their shells are slightly cracked.
5.Pour some of the coarse salt that has been warmed in the wok into a claypot before placing the quail eggs inside. Bury the eggs under th rest of the coarse salt.
6.Place the lid on the claypot and heat over a low heat; ensure that the temperature of the core is maintained at 100° C. Continue to heat the claypot for about 30 minutes.



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