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Chef: Jeffrey She
Featuring: Seafood


150g silver cod

30g broccoli
30g asparagus
20g cherry tomatoes
20g peeled garlic
15g white beech mushroom

5g Maggi seasoning sauce
1g sugar
3g oyster sauce
3g chicken bouillon (juice)
2g sesame oil
5g water starch
1g salt
2g monosodium glutamate
2g wheat starch
Frying oil


1. Cut broccoli into small pieces and asparagus into 3 fingers long pieces. Set aside

2. Cut cherry tomatoes in halves

3. Cut silver cod into 1.5cm(cubic) pieces

4. Coat with salt, monosodium glutamate and wheat starch. Mix well and set aside

5. Heat up the wok to 150° and stir fry in oil silver cod and garlic

6. Deep fry white beech mushrooms until golden brown. Set aside

7. Heat a pan and add a little oil, then at first add broccoli, asparagus, white beech mushroom, garlic, oyster sauce, chicken juice and sugar

8. Pour a little water, keep stirring then add silver cod, water starch solution and stir fry

9. Add sesame oil, Maggi sauce and plate



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