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Chef: Paul Wong
Featuring: Seafood


- 10 saltwater clams (spisulas achalinensis)

- 10 water chestnut cut in thick slices
- 10g dried onions
- 10g garlic minced
- 40g chopped onion
- 40g basil leaves
- 40g bell pepper
- 1 tsp oyster sauce
- ½tsp light soy sauce
- 1/3tsp sugar
- 2tbsp Shaoxing rice wine
- Dark soy sauce
- Starch solution


1. Open the clams and remove their inner part

2. Blanch the clams in water and set aside

3. Put the water aside

4. Sautee chopped onions, garlic, dried onions and water chestnuts

5. Add the clams, basil and red peppers and keep sautéing

6. Add gradually seasoning (oyster sauce, light soy sauce, sugar, Shaoxing rice wine, dark soy sauce)

7. Sprinkle with starch, keep sautéing until thicken and serve



2018, with a harsh winter and an initially chilly, but then warm summer with the right amount of ra...

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