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Course: Dessert
Chef: Gu Zhihui
Featuring: Dairy


- 150g rock sugar
- 1l water
- 100g sago
- 1.5kg mango
- 1 pomelo
- 500g vanilla ice cream
- 80g cream


1.Combine the rock sugar and water in a large pan, heating until the sugar has dissolved but the syrup is not boiling

2.Cook the sago

3.Take the ice cream out of the freezer and when it has melted, mix in the cream

4.Peel and dice the mango. Blend around half to a smooth puree, setting aside the rest of the diced mango. Mix the mango puree with the prepared ice cream mixture, adding sugar syrup to taste. Pass through a sieve

5.Prepare the pomelo, tearing the flesh into small pieces

6.Mix the mango-cream mixture with the diced mango and the sago. Pour into a serving dish and top with the pomelo



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