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07/05/2020 15:43

Coronavirus didn’t come out of Wuhan lab nor from any other Chinese lab. China did all in its power to warn the world about the incoming pandemic. The accusations coming from some political sectors, everywhere in the world, are increasingly refuted by prominent personalities. In an interview with National Geographic, mentioned by the South china Morning Post, Anthony Fauci, a member of Trump’s White House coronavirus task force, said that the scientific evidence “is very, very strongly leaning toward this could not have been artificially or deliberately manipulated – the way the mutations have naturally evolved”. 

Fauci position is shared also by Gen. Mark Milley, Pentagon's top general, Joint Chiefs chairman who says that the "weight of evidence" indicates that the Covid-19 coronavirus points to natural origins not a Chinese lab.
“China and CoronaShock”, a study published by the Tricontinental Institute for Social Research, contains a comprehensive and correct information on how China identified the novel coronavirus, how the Chinese government and Chinese society fought against its wider diffusion and against some international unjustified accusation.

In “Once upon a virus” Xinhua, the Chinese Government Agency, gives a very clear explanation of what has happened with a cartoon. Critics have written that is propaganda but even The Atlantic had to admit that “Anybody who knows any history will be aware that propaganda—even the most obvious, most shameless propaganda—sometimes works”. And adds that: “Propaganda also works best in a vacuum, when there are no competing messages, or when the available alternative messengers inspire no trust. Since mid-March, China has been sending messages out into precisely this kind of vacuum: a world that has been profoundly changed not just by the virus, but by the American president’s simultaneously catastrophic and ridiculous failure to cope with it”.